PikkaBird (pikkabird) wrote,

Fun with charts

For PJ1K, I am for the first time using mathematical calculation to devise running and purchase costs for vehicles, instead of my old method of just making them up. Here's a graph chart of the running and purchase costs for the new UKRS.

Looks good, eh? And here, more interestingly, is a graph chart of the cost changes to NARS locomotives with the new cost formulae applied.

From this graph chart, we can see a few things (apart from the fact that NARS contains many more locomotives than the UKRS, so makes a bigger graph chart!):

  • Diesel and electric locomotives are more expensive to buy, but running costs haven't changed much (the spread has widened: small locos cost less to run, big locos cost more). The RDC particularly has benefited from the new scheme.
  • Early steam locomotives are slightly cheaper to buy and run, but the later large steam locomotives are now massively more expensive, possibly fatally so. I don't know if this is fixable; I've already given them as much of a bonus as I dare.

    The problem is one of scale; the UK locomotives are just so much smaller and less powerful than the US ones. I guess only playtesting will show whether the largest NARS locomotives can still be useful.
Tags: nars, pj1k
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